TERMS & CONDITIONS: All cattle sell according to the standard terms and conditions of the American Angus Association.

To try and give people other options rather than traveling on a nasty day, we will be having an open
house to view the bulls starting Saturday, December 5th through Monday, December 7th. The sale will
be an on-line sale, without a live auctioneer. At 1 pm on the 7th, the lots will start closing in order. Each
lot will be given a minimum of 30 seconds and will continue until there is no competitive bidding.
There will be several options to bid:
• You can come to the ranch on Dec 7th, look at the bulls in the morning, have lunch and bid on site.
People will be available to submit your bids online for you. This will be very similar to a regular auction,
just a bit lower key.
• You can come look at the bulls anytime Dec 5 - 7. You can then place a proxy bid on line, indicating the
maximum you would pay for the bull. We, or anyone else, will not know what that number is. Then
when that lot comes up, if there is competitive bidding, it will automatically bid for you up to that
• You can bid online as the lots close starting at 1 pm on Dec 7th.
NOTE: If your internet connection is marginal, please call ahead of sale time so we can try to help or
make arrangements to be on a phone line.
• You can call any of the above representatives and they will get your bids placed for you.

User agrees to allow Frontier Productions, INC. to send marketing emails notifying them about future sales.