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System Requirements

Check over the different System Requirements below to ensure your system is able to correctly run our software.

Internet Requirements

The bidding web-app can be run over slower internet connections, however a faster internet connection is strongly advised. Slower connections can result in delayed communications. If the auction offers a live audio/video stream a slow internet connection may not be sufficient (the audio/video stream can be stopped to save bandwidth).

Hardware Requirements

Any reasonably modern computer should be able to run our live bidding web-app. As always the newer the computer the more likely it will perform well.

Our bidding web-app is designed to scale to fit a wide range of screen sizes.

Web Browser Requirements

Most modern web browsers will run our software, including:
Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer (10+), Safari (7+), Opera, and more...

Internet Explorer 9 should also work though we suggest you upgrade to a modern browser.
Internet Explorer 8 may work but isn't fully supported, we suggest you upgrade to a modern browser.
Internte Explorer 7 isn't supported; you should upgrade to a modern browser.

Any modern web browsers that supports modern web-standards, specifically WebSockets, should work as well.

Flash Plugin

Adobe's Flash Player is usually optional. For some auction's audio/video streams it may be needed to view/listen to the stream. However, most browsers do NOT need Flash for the bidding web-app to function; though old browsers such as Internet Explorer 9 (and under) will require Flash since these older browsers do not support modern web-standards.
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